Stream awesome entertainment content to your favourite device... at 39,000 feet

You'll never again have to twist your neck to get a view of your in-flight entertainment. Our ground-breaking ScooTV streaming inflight entertainment delivers the magic of the movies and TV onto your very own device! Refreshed every 2 months, we bring you Hollywood blockbusters, gut-wrenching Chinese and Korean tear-jerkers and animated treats for the kids!

ScooTV | August - September 2014


ScooTV Movie Schedule August - September 2014

Want to know what’s showing on ScooTV? Download our inflight entertainment guide for more details.

Accessing ScooTV streaming entertainment


Read the following instructions before you Get Outta Here!

There are two ways you can access ScooTV:

  1. Stream entertainment to your own tablet or laptop. ScootBiz guests can access for free, whilst those in Economy can pre-purchase for SGD15 or purchase on board for SGD16. Your access will last for the duration of your flight*.
  2. You can Rent-a-Tablet for SGD20 on board. You'll get an iPad 2 pre-loaded with fantastic entertainment, including kids' animated movies and games. You'll need to provide a photo ID when you Rent-a-Tablet.
* For multi-sector flights (e.g. Tokyo to Singapore via Taipei), ScooTV will have to be purchased separately for each sector if you buy on board.

Detailed instructions for accessing ScooTV are available via our inflight entertainment guide and ScooTV inflight portal. For now, take note of the following to ensure a smooth viewing experience:

  1. You must have installed the Gogo Video Player to stream ScooTV. iPad users must download the app before the flight. All other device users may download the app inflight.
  2. If you’re purchasing ScooTV on board, you'll be able to pay with credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  3. Connect your device to the gogoinflight WiFi hotspot and open your browser to access the ScooTV portal.

Supported Mobile Devices (smartphones are not supported)

iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 with iOS 5 and above Safari Browser*

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" with Android OS 3.2 Android Browser

Motorola XOOM with Android OS 3.2 Android Browser

*Note: iPad users will need to download the Gogo Video Player app before the flight. ipads with IOS 7 will require the latest version of the app


Windows XP, Vista and 7

Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and above

Firefox 13 and above

Google Chrome 19 and above


Mac 10.4 and above

Safari 5 and above, Firefox 13 and above, Chrome 19 and above


The next time you fly with Scoot, an entertainment buffet awaits you - while cruising with us at 39,000 feet. So, get Scooting!

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