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The Scoot Experience

When you fly with Scoot you'll notice the difference. In the way we interact, the tone of our conversation, in the empowerment you'll enjoy. We're on your level, sharing the same experience. Contemporary, relaxed and fun. In essence, a whole new travel experience, with a different attitude - Scootitude™.

Since 4 June 2012, we've been carrying your dollar farther, to Australia as a start. In the coming months, we'll be starting our flights to China, Japan and other destinations no low-fare airline has taken you before.

You'll be wowed by our fantastic fares and the ultimate freedom to choose. All aboard a fleet of Boeing 777s that will be as much a part of the Scoot™ family as the rest of the us in the team (our first two Scoot babies even have their own names: Goin' Scootin' and Barry)

Here's are sneak peeks at the birth of our first Scoot baby, and it's first ever flight. If you're lucky, you might just even see it in a sky near you. 

Get ready.


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